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Blog Podium 2016. Impress, Connect, Grow a Partnership with Brands.

Blog Podium always has a great roster of speakers and presenters.They had a panel discussion featuring bloggers, brand and PR agency representatives.

I attended a Seminar called Insider Secrets: How to Impress, Connect and Grow a Partnership with the Brands you love. Blogger and Media Director of my Daily Randomness, Brittany Stager was the moderator of the panel.

These were the speakers:
  • Melissa Allen the Marketing Brand and Ambassador Partnerships of Cricut.
  • Alisa Garrison the blogger behind Random Acts of Pastel.
  • Melissa Ann Retty the Account Director of Craft Public Relations.
Based in case studies and participants questions they shared practical tips on how to be part of  creative collaborations, negotiations and compensation. I also had the time for a brief conversation just before the Cricut mini seminar with Melissa Allen.

Being in and out Speed Networking appointments it was hard to attend everything that was going on. Fortunately I had the chance to listen to a Keynote Speaker, the Fairy Godmother of Colour as she is known, Tiffany Pratt. It was indeed an energizing and wonderful message.

Tiffany shared real points on how to pursue a creative career. She emphasized customer service as a priority and being true to yourself to do what you love. "This can be beautiful" is Tiffany's new book due in October. Take a look at the stack of books she is holding on these photos below. Guess what? Participants won them all. They went home with signed copies! So generous.

Speed Networking: Meet, introduce yourself and pitch your favorite lifestyle brands.
Stay tuned to next post!

Images by photographer Laura Benn at LLB Creative.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gabriela Delworth. Crafts Designer & Stylist, Author, Instructor. Makes creativity a ritual. Aesthetically reactive to beautiful things. 
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