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Blog Podium 2016: Speed Networking. Meet and pitch lifestyle brands.

Before getting into the next topic I wanted to make a quick mention of the delicious and beautifully presented food we enjoyed at Blog Podium 2016


Blog Podium makes it possible for influencers to meet with the most admired lifestyle brands. PR and brands representatives meet potential collaborators to hear their ideas and talk about how they can work together. How amazing is that?

Speed Networking is a fabulous way to get you in front of your favorite brands, face to face and talk one-on-one. Be prepare to talk with more than one person in some cases.
You only have 7 minutes with each brand! It might look like a very little time, but in fact you do have more than enough time if used wisely. Make the most of it.

My suggestion to you is to take the time to prepare yourself. Research the brands you want to work with. Be in the know of their campaigns, promotions and products. Design and prepare your marketing materials. Work on your pitch. It needs to be a stellar one!

This is the chance to introduce yourself, make a great impression, connect with the decision makers, provide them with your Media Kit and any additional materials to support your expertise, they will look at them closely. Get their attention! Talk about your expertise, your experience, pitch your ideas, discuss collaborations and future partnerships.

What is a Media Kit? A Media Kit is an informational document about a service or product. It should be nicely crafted and visually appealing. Focus on the content, on your message.
Its purpose is to make a great impression, grab the reader's attention and create a connection. Can you do that? Sure you can. There is no set formula. Make it your own.

Basic points to keep in mind:
  • Introduce yourself as an expert, your product or service. What do you do?
  • Mention notable clients you work or previously worked with.
  • Mention projects you are presently working on. Impress them!
  • Present the unique type and quality of the content you offer to create for them. 
  • Pitch your proposal. What can you do for them? Stand out!
  • Show them why you are a great partner to work with. Why should they choose you?
Speed Networking spots are limited and you need to book your appointments as early as you can. You can booked an appointment with each brand if you wish. They are always looking for new influercers to partner with. Think about future opportunities.

This year we met with: Benjamin Moore, Bernardin, Delta Faucet Canada, First Alert, GE Appliances, Giant Tiger, IZEA Canada Inc., Kryon, Masonite International, Metrie, Minwax, NUK,, Quickie, Staples Canada, Home Depot Canada, PARA Paints and Wayfair Canada. 

There are more tips available at the Blog Podium site for you to read: 

Tips and Best Practises for Speed Networking

What is Speed Networking. Frequently Asked Questions

Get Creative with Cricut: The Cricut Seminar.
Stay tuned to next post!

Images by photographer Laura Benn at LLB Creative.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gabriela Delworth. Crafts Designer & Stylist, Author, Instructor. Makes creativity a ritual. Aesthetically reactive to beautiful things. 
Mission: to inspire you.

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