How to Care for Indoor Plants: during the cold months

Fall colours didn't last as much as other years. I shared a couple of pics on an earlier post. You {hopefully} cut down your herb garden big or small, brought all your plants inside already and may be divided some to make new ones. Now it is time to plan and give them the very best care possible during the Winter months. 

My Geraniums get a lot of attention. They really show off in our balcony. As I mentioned before they are always the same plants that go in and come out year after year. I also make new ones to share with friends and family. Plants grow stronger when you trim them.

Pay special attention at the location where you placed them. Do they receive enough light? Is it too dry? Is it too hot, too cold? All these factors are very important.
Be ready to change them around if plants do not look as good as before. Keep in mind that they might now bloom as much for a while. Plants always let you know where they want to be. My African Violets didn't do very well once I brought them home from the store. I changed them around different locations until they started looking better. And they stayed there!

You will have to water and spray your plants more often. I use my homemade "brew" to feed them about every two weeks and spray them with filtered lukewarm water. Yes, as you might guessed, it is the same water we drink! 

How do you take care of your houseplants? 

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