Cupcake Liner Crafts: Ballerina tutu in Ballet Fifth Position Tutorial

Cupcake Liner Crafts: Ballerina tutu in Ballet

Plastic ballerinas
Paper doilies
Cupcake liners
Millinery flowers
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Paper scissors

Ballerinas come in many colours. Choose your favorite one.
Choose your favorite cupcake liner colour from your stash.
Plug your glue gun and warm it up.
Using your paper scissors cut it open on the side only where pleats are.

TIP: Some cupcake liners are soft and others sturdy. If sturdy you can glue it directly. If it's soft you would pleat it a little to add movement to it and then glue it to the ballerina's waist. 
  • Add a few drops of glue on the waist of your ballerina's tutu.
  • Place the end of your cut cupcake liner and glue to it.
  • Press softly with your fingers to make sure it is set in place.
  • Work all around the ballerina's waist and wrap around the cupcake liner. It's a tutu!
  • Choose a paper doily from your stash.
  • Using your paper scissors cut the center out of one of them.
TIP: Paper doilies are generally soft {unless it is a metallic one}. It would be much easier to pleat it before attaching it to the ballerina's tutu.
Pleat it. Using your glue gun attach it to your ballerina's waist right over the cupcake liner tutu you just created.

The doily will add more dimension and movement to it. Choose your favorite millinery flowers colour from your stash. Pull out a floret of about six flowers and set aside.
I used about six or seven flowers to finish the cupcake liner tutu. Add two more...
  • Using your paper scissors cut all stems off.
  • Using your glue gun add small dots over the paper doily accent you just created for your ballerina's cupcake liner tutu.
  • Using the glue gun add small dots of glue and start attaching your millinery flowers one by one all around the waist of your ballerina's cupcake liner tutu
  • Repeating this last step add one millinery flower to each slipper.
  • Tie the millinery floret you had set aside around the ballerina's wrist.
These ballerinas are rare and really hard to find these days. I might have some kits in my studio. Let me know at gabriela.delworth (@) gmail.com
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