Gift Wrapping Tips: How to choose your wrapping papers

Gift Wrapping Papers: metallic, handmade, embossed

Gift Wrapping is all about building a package with flare. The way a gift is presented is far more important than the gift in itself. Gifts speak beautiful thoughts. You will be known for your lovely packages. These are the reasons I get very picky about choosing my papers. There are so many different kinds out there in beautiful colours and textures from all over the world.  

This image above shows a few from my collection such as metallic, handmade and embossed. Should you buy them by the sheet or in rolls? With so many options how do you choose the right one for your package? Let's start with the purpose, the item {or item+container} you need to gift wrap, the recipient and how you want to style your gift wrap. These factors will determine the kind of paper or papers you will use. You really need to plan before purchasing gift wrapping papers to make the most of them.
I will be sharing a few tips with you on my next posts. Stay tuned!

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