Gift Wrapping Tips: Use Cut Outs, Flowers, Paper & Ribbon Scraps

Creative and Wise Gift Wraps and Toppers

Combining materials when designing a gift package you can achieve a unique piece. I like the challenge of making things work together. The idea is to use your papers in a way that there is no waste. Use every little scrap of paper and ribbon on your package. 

Gift Wrapping Paper Sheets: handmade, painted

Learn to see the potential of the quality of papers, prints and textures. Imagine your wrapped packages! How would they look like? How can you use the papers you like?
More on my next post. Stay tuned!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gabriela Delworth. Crafts Designer & Stylist, Author, Instructor who makes creativity a ritual. Aesthetically reactive to beautiful things. 
Mission: to inspire you

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