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Holiday Decor: how to clean an artificial Christmas tree

Holiday Decor: how to clean an artificial Christmas tree

Is it too early? As soon as Christmas windows are revealed in the city I feel like starting to take the Holiday Decor out of storage. I really enjoy rediscovering my collection of ornaments and mini Village. The first things that came out were the Christmas trees.  

Last year I only decorated the little one on the photo above. It is tiny! Ideal for very small places and tables. Believe it or not it has great potential. Take a look!


Mini Scenes in Glass Globes by Gabriela Delworth
Mini Christmas Scenes in Glass Globes by Gabriela Delworth

My decorated Mini Scene Globes really showed off on this tree. This one on the photo above is a medium size globe I also decorate bigger ones. They are made of glass. I am working on posts and will be sharing my ornaments collection more in detail.

Holiday Decor: how to clean an artificial Christmas tree

After looking for a medium size Christmas tree for a long time I am very excited about decorating my new acquisition this season. It is brand new {have been waiting for almost a year to open it!} and it just came out of the box! It resembles a White Spruce. This is a four feet prelit {tiny white lights} tree. 

Before even thinking about decorating these trees I needed to give them a good clean. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day generously suggested and provided me with their Dish Soap to use with a small brush and warm water. A very simple formula.

You might be wondering if I cleaned all branches. You bet I did! Although my Christmas trees have been stored in boxes I wanted to remove any sign of dust off them. It took a lot of patience and it was all worth it. A labour of love.

  1. Add warm water to a bowl
  2. Mix a few drops of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dish Soap 
  3. Dip a small brush in the mix and start brushing brunches
  4. Work your way from the top branches down the lower ones
  5. Branches air dry very fast in a couple of hours
That's it! It's done. My Christmas trees are clean, fresh and ready to decorate.

Great news! Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products will be arriving in major retailers in Canada this January. They were inspired by Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer, an Iowa homemaker.
Made with naturally derived ingredients and essential oils from flowers and herbs.

SPONSORED POST: Thank you Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day for your advise and products.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gabriela Delworth. Crafts Designer & Stylist, Author, Instructor who makes creativity a ritual. Aesthetically reactive to beautiful things. 
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JoKnows said...

I love your decorated globes! So cute. Good for you for cleaning the entire tree! Not sure I have the patience. ;)