Christmas flowers: Amaryllis a stunning flowering bulb.

I hope you had a great Christmas! Flowering plants are always a big part of our home decor

Beautiful varieties become available during the Holidays. Amaryllis which in fact is a flowering bulb steals the show! They come in a variety of colours. 

You can get just the bulb at the garden center or a kit that includes everything you need to pot it. Amaryllis can grow up to twelve to thirty six inches! It will take about six to seven weeks to bloom. Ideally you should plant them as soon as bring them home. 

You need:

High quality potting soil
A pot deep enough for your Amaryllis to develop its roots {plastic is best}
Make sure it has good drainage 
Bamboo sticks to support your Amaryllis flowers and stems 
Garden thread 

NOTE: I like potting mine in plastic pots because clay pots "steal" moisture from plants. 

Mine on the photo above is a "Coral Beach" Amaryllis. Do you decorate with Amaryllis? 
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