Gift Wrapping Tips: Confetti Cut Bow Flowers, Holiday Florals and Lace

Gift Wrapping Tips: Plastic Bow Flowers with Holiday Florals and Lace

Confetti bows is the most popular item people use to adorn a gift. They are affordable, colourful, light and fun! But what can you do with a full bag? There are always left over bows that keep collecting year after year. I know you agree. How about reusing them?

You can make flowers to top your gift packages like the image above. 

First example with the pink Confetti bow
  1. Cut a few curls on the top with paper scissors {note that if you cut the bottom ones it will fall apart}
  2. Glue a Holiday glitter flower in the center of your Confetti bow flower 
  3. Affix it to your gift package

Second example with the Holiday glitter flower and lace
  1. Add a piece of lace around your package
  2. Affix it with glue
  3. Make a Crepe Paper Rosette. Find my tutorial here
  4. Glue a Holiday glitter flower in the center
NOTE: I also used a glittered branch of leaves and lace. 

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Stay tuned for more!
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