Gift Wrapping Tips: Deer in the Forest Pop Up Gift Topper

When it comes to choosing materials for my gift wrapping I look at fun motifs on wrapping papers I can turn into adornments. I mentioned this on a previous post. Gift Wrapping a package takes creativity. I always like to make the most of my materials. 
This is how I did my Deer in the Forest Pop Up Gift Topper.


Gift wrapping paper
Ribbon and trim scraps
White glue
Craft brush
Paper scissors 
Glue gun
Glue sticks

  1. Using paper scissors cut out deer and tree from gift wrapping paper
  2. Glue them onto recycled cardboard
  3. Glitter them in snowy white 
  4. Let them dry completely
  5. Cut out ribbon and trim scraps to make deer bows and ties
  6. Using a glue gun affix them to the top of your package {placed mine in a corner}
  7. Make sure they stand straight
TIPS: I find that cereal or oatmeal boxes are great for this projects. They are flexible! Place a sheet of paper on your work table to collect glitter excess. You can reuse most of it!
Stay tuned for more tips on gift wrapping odd shape objects! As you requested.

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