Gift Wrapping Tips: Paper Medallion Gift Topper. Fast and Simple.

Gift Wrapping Tips: Paper Medallion Gift Topper

Paper medallions are so fun to make. It takes just a few minutes!  Have a tutorial for you.


Thin sheet of gift wrapping paper {flexible enough to pleat}
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Plastic flowers and leaves  
Paper scissors
Paper pinking sheers

  1. Cut a strip of gift wrapping paper about half inch using paper scissors
  2. Pleat it evenly {all pleats the same width}
  3. Using paper pinking sheers cut around the edges to give a nice finish
  4. Form a medallion
  5. Glue it in the center using your glue gun
  6. Affix plastic flowers and leaves on the center
Making paper pleats are a great way to use remnants of paper scraps and craft supplies. For my gift package I just glued the paper medallion on the center, then glued a tag and plastic flower on top. That's it! Fast and simple.

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Stay tuned for more ideas on DIY gift toppers!

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