Gift Wrapping Tips: Smart Bow Making with Ribbon Scraps

Gift Wrapping Tips: Smart Bow Making with Ribbon Scraps

Thank you so much for your emails about gift wrapping tips! I am so glad you find my posts useful. Today I want to share some tips on minimal bow making. I often get asked how to make huge bows to top packages. Although they look fabulous they take a lot of ribbon and can be really pricey. In fact you might end up using the whole roll!
How about using ribbon scraps? 

Get creative. Combine them by colours and textures like the image above. Use them wisely. I used off white rice paper to wrap this package and three different types of ribbon scraps. Simple bows are the most elegant...and easy!

More ideas on how to use your ribbon scraps on your packages here.
Looking for more ideas? You can check other simple gift topper ideas for your packages on this previous post or this other one. Not sure how to choose your papers? Check my tips on this and this other post.  Stay tuned for more gift wrapping tips!

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