Indoor Gardening: Rosemary Winter Care Tips

Rosemary Winter Care Tips by Gabriela Delworth

Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean. Is one of the most popular aromatic, culinary and medicinal herbs in the world.  
A perennial in other latitudes. There is always Rosemary growing in our balcony garden ready to add to our homemade cooking or tea.
Take a look at its delicate flowers on the photo right above. Aren't they beautiful? There are many buds ready to open. More blooms through out the New Year!

Its leaves fragance is not only beautiful but also uplifting. Feeling "blue" or tired? Although you can smell this herb with only getting close to it you can also gently brush its leaves with your fingers. They will release Rosemary's fragance. Aromatherapy right at home.

As it needs full sun it spends the long cold months sitting on windowsills. 
This Winter our biggest Rosemary plant has been blooming since Christmas! 

My care tips are always the same, indoors and outdoors. Regular watering, spraying to clean and refresh leaves and coffee grinds as fertilizer twice a month. That's it!

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year blooming with happiness and love!
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