DIY Ribbons: From Simple to a Designer Look

DIY Ribbons: From Simple to a Designer Look by Gabriela Delworth

January and February are the perfect months for Cleaning and Organization in my studio. Once Christmas decor is put away. It is time for doing inventories, going through craft supplies and tools. Really fun! It's a little like shopping and rediscovering what you have
Organizing boxes of ribbons by colours and types can be a tedious task but thinking about Spring in the process makes such a difference. Came across some fancy and forgotten rose ribbons I found a while ago.

See them on the image above right on the left? Aren't they gorgeous? They are rare and due to the price I paid for them I haven't decided to use them on any projects yet. They inspired me to DIY my own using inexpensive Satin Ribbon Roses Appliques and ribbon from my stash.  

Make my Rose bracelet!


Satin Ribbon Roses Appliques
Metal trim scrap
Fabric Roses
Fabric Glue
Craft Brush

Stay tuned for more on Cleaning and Organization projects!
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