Floral Crafts: Botanical Shadow Box, book pages, flowers, trims.

Floral Crafts: Botanical Shadow Box by Gabriela Delworth

Gardening, pressing and preserving flowers are one of my most favorite creative activities. Today I am sharing a simple project: Botanical Shadow Box

Shadow box
Pressed flowers {press your own with my tutorial}
Mine: Carnations, Daisy, Delphinium, Baby's Breath, Statice, Fern leaves
Preserved flowers {preserve your own with my tutorial} Orchids on my card are preserved
Mine: Orchids
Fabric pins
Glue dots
Old book pages  {with graphics like the one in my shadow box above}
Fabric trims
Garden photo {mine is a photo of a Lilacs garden}
Handmade paper card {make your own with my tutorial} 
Paper scraps {I made mine using my scrapbooking punches} 


NOTE: Most shadow boxes come with a fabric background. If yours comes with a cardboard or paper background you should use removable small glue dots instead of pins to secure decorative items.
  1. Design layouts and try different ways of arranging your decorative items.
  2. Take advantage of the designs on your book pages. I designed a garden gate on the main book page. Take a look on the image above!
Did you make the Shadow box from my book? If you did I would like to see it!
NOTE: Many of the flowers and plants I grow indoors are great for pressing. Geraniums, Paper Whites, Rosemary. 
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