Floral Crafts: Colouring Fresh Daisies

We still have a long wait until the arrival of Spring. What a better way of adding a splash of colour to your home than colouring your own flowers!
Daisies are among the most affordable option. They are also ideal to colour.

You need:

White Daisies
Food colouring 
Garden scissors
Warm water   

  1. Fill up a glass flower vase container with warm water. 
  2. Add about twenty to thirty drops of food colouring. Stir well.
  3. Cut Daisies stems slanted to absorb food colouring and water better. 
  4. Place them in the glass flower vase. 
  5. Flowers will start to change colours. Leave them about twenty four hours.  

I used Baby Blue and Pink food colouring drops. It will travel right up through their stems to their petals. New coloured flowers in a few hours!
Want to keep them? You can press them or preserve them with my tutorials.

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