Indoor Gardening: Blooming Bulbs and African Violets.

African Violets by Gabriela Delworth

Describing the January weather in T.O. as gloomy would be an understatment. Don't you agree? Having blooming plants at home helps coping with long grey days. There is always something blooming here. I had Christmas Cactus, Paper Whites, and Amarylliys blooming during the Holiday Season. My Rosemary bloomed for the first time during Winter! I believe it must be the homemade "brew" I give all plants. The Hyacinth bulbs I have been forcing turned out very fragant but dit not grow so well. They are rather short.

Forcing Bulbs: Hyacinth bulbs by Gabriela Delworth

African Violets are easy to care plants that give beautiful flowers. They are in full bloom!  
Do you have any blooming plants at home right now?

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