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Pitching Brands: A seven minutes Face to Face with a Media Kit

Pitching Brands: A Seven Minutes Face to Face with a Media Kit

On Saturday, September 17 I attended Blog Podium 2016 the Canadian only conference for Design & Lifestyle Bloggers here in Toronto. 
It was my first year attending this fabulous event. Blog Podium made it possible for influencers to meet with the most admired lifestyle brands. It was called Speed Networking. A 7 minutes face to face with PR and brands representatives. I made an appointment prior to the event with my favorite lifestyle brands to talk one-on-one about my ideas and discuss ways of working together. A Media Kit was required.

A Media Kit is an informational document about a service or product. Although it introduces you as an expert your product or service there is no set formula to put one together.  
Yours should be unique and in your own words. 

Basic points to keep in mind:
  • Introduce yourself as an expert, your product or service. What do you do?
  • Mention notable clients you work or previously worked with.
  • Mention projects you are presently working on. Impress them!
  • Present the unique type and quality of the content you offer to create for them. 
  • Pitch your proposal. What can you do for them? Stand out!
  • Show them why you are a great partner to work with. Why should they choose you?

In terms of designing your Media Kit there are no strict rules. It could look super modern like an Infogram. You can use Microsoft Office, Publisher, Photoshop, etc. 
I made my own!

One thing you should keep in mind to keep costs down is the amount of coloured images used. Remember that you will need to print quite a few to handle them to PR and brand representatives during your face to face. Focus on what's important for them to see at first glance.
How many pages a Media Kit should have? Well, you only have 7 minutes to impress
Keep it simple. Mine has only one page. Save time for talking! I printed my own at home.

Is a Speed Networking appointment like a job interview?
Yes! Although 7 minutes sounds like a very short interview hiring managers can have an opinion of you in the first five minutes or less. True!
I read that Psychologists call it the "halo effect". Apparently, judgments can be made with just initial observations. If you make a good first impression, the interviewer then is curious to hear and see what else you have to offer.

Yes! You are pitching and presenting yourself to PR and brand representatives as a potential expert candidate to work with their brand. Think about it!

Prepare yourself well for a great 7 minutes presentation. It can be done.

2016 ended with fabulous news, a partnership with one of my favorite brands I interviewed with at Speed Networking! 2017 will be a creative and exciting time for me.
I will start sharing my first project of the year in progress very soon. Stay tuned!

Read about my full Speed Networking post, tips and what brands we met here.

Brands also reached out to us. I partnered with some on two projects here and here.

Read more about Blog Podium 2016 and my experiencece right here.

Images by photographer Laura Benn at LLB Creative.

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JoKnows said...

These are good tips Gabriela! I enjoyed Blogpodium and I'm really happy I went. Next time, I wouldn't do quite so many speed networking sessions back to back because I found it difficult to remember exactly what I discussed with whom. ;) Jo

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hi Joanne,

Well, I guess you can take notes as soon as you get back to your table? I works for me.
It seems though that you did more speed networking sessions than I did.