Tool Time Cabinet Renovation: Cleaning, Storage and Organization.

Rainy January through the window by Gabriela Delworth

January and February are ideal months to do some cleaning, storage, organization and small updates at home. I enjoy working on doable and "real life" solutions for our needs that allow us to make the most of the space we live. 

There are limitations when renting and this is what pushes me to think out of the box! 
Storage solutions for renters should be clever, functional, practical and easy enough to transfer from home to home when moving. I have been drafting, planning and working hard on a renovation for an "affected" area since last year: the Tool Cabinet.

The Tool Time Cabinet Renovation project was born as a need {I really ment a "desperate need"} for a solution to our hand and crafts tools storage dilemma. We run out of space! When that happens tools seem to "navigate" and expand to other areas as well. Not good. I am sure that many of you might feel identified with this. We all have tools, dont' we? We need them.

My idea was to find the best solution to keep our tools nicely organized and easy to find. A well thought-out system that could also be easy to be stored in an apartment. I did!  Join me through the process on the transformation of the Tool Cabinet area. Stay tuned!
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