Tool Time Cabinet Renovation: Old Tool Cabinet ready to retire.

Here is the Old Tool Cabinet ready to retire. I know what you are thinking. I do....you are probably wondering why we turned this into a tool cabinet. Well...it was out of necessity.
This Old Tool Cabinet is a second hand piece that I found a long time ago. While it didn't really fit with the rest of the home decor we kept it as a tool cabinet. Not very functional. 

Old Tool Cabinet Drawers by Gabriela Delworth

As you can see we run out of space. Yes. There are more tools inside the drawers and doors. On my prior post I mentioned that we were in desperate need for a solution to our hand and crafts tools storage dilemma. You are looking at it right now.

This Old Tool Cabinet has only four drawers. The fact that tools slide around inside drawers when opened makes it difficult to find them. It has two compartments on the sides with very limited shelving inside. I really like seeing tools through the glass doors but it has become difficult trying to open them over time as the cabinet gets older. Weight is the other issue we are dealing with. Even a simple hammer can be quite heavy.

Old Tool Cabinet content details by Gabriela Delworth

The question is what would be the best solution to our hand and crafts tools storage dilemma? We are looking for a cool and easy to blend with the home decor solution, durable, practical and versatile at the same time.  
First things first, let's empty and remove this Old Tool Cabinet. Ready for some real mess?  
That is coming up next. Stay tuned! 
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