Winter Indoor Gardening: Forcing Bulbs, Christmas Cactus, Geraniums

Indoor Gardening: Geraniums, Christmas Cactus and Forcing Bulbs

Winter Indoor Gardening is one way of keeping your home in a happy mood. I have affordable, beautiful and easy care plants that bloom year round.
I posted about it and how to prepare them.

Geraniums went dormant once they were brought inside in the Fall. See them here.
They look quite the same and started blooming again. See the photo above?
I use my homemade and re-purposed "brew" for all my plants.

Geraniums are great plants that with good care will last for a long, long time. You can make new plants from cuttings. I will post about in the Spring. Take a look at how beautiful blooming Geraniums look displayed in planters! Like them? I will also share where I got them later.

Have a few Christmas Cactus sitting on windowsills that started blooming during the Holidays. They are also part of our home decor. It is said that if keept in the dark during the months before Christmas blooms are guaranteed. 
My experience with these plants has been quite the opposite. I always keep them in full light indoors during the Fall and Winter. I move them away from windowsills to indirect light during the Summer.  
This is a Southern Hemisphere cactus and has tender leaves. It will not tolerate our Summer heat or sun.
Forcing bulbs is also part of my indoor gardening. I found bulbs quite pricey at nurseries. Even buying them loose as I have my own containers. Did not find any Paper Whites which I love so much. Got some Hyachints in water with developed roots already. Hopefully we will see blooms soon! I will show you.

Are you indoor gardening this Winter?

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