African Violets: Colourful fancy names.

African Violets: Identified by name. Gabriela Delworth

Most plant lovers and indoor gardeners have African Violets in their collections, don't we?
It is one of the most popular and easiest plants to grow inside here in the North. We buy them for the beauty of their flowers that grace our spaces many times during the year. You can find them at garden centers, nurseries, florists or even the supermarket! If you ask me what their names are I have no idea. So I went and did a little research.

The blue one on this photo above is named "Rob's Scooter", the red one "Von Simple Simon" or could also be "Aca's Red Ember" and the variegated pink and white one "Plumberry Grow". Reading more about them it said that they are Semiminiature plants.
Are they correct? Have more blooming African Violets here.

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YOU ASKED: Based on my tutorial here. Could I press African Violets?
Although they bloom in fabulous colours they fade when pressed and petals become very brittle. You can press beautiful Johnny Jump Up, Violas and Pansies which are also from the Violet family!

Happy Family Day Weekend and President's Day everyone!  
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