Pressed Pansies Coasters

Pressed Pansies Coasters by Gabriela Delworth

Pansies are out right now. Love them! The ones we see today are mostly hybrids.
When buying Pansies choose bushy plants with lots of blooms and buds. Very easy to grow!
Keep them in full sun, watered and watch out for slugs! They love cool temperatures.
Feed them every two weeks. I use my own "brew".

Pressed Pansies Coasters by Gabriela Delworth


Pansies are among the most popular flowers in the Spring and probably the first ones to be planted in gardens and planters. The most common colours are purples, lavenders, yellow and white. Their name comes from the French word "pensee" which means thought. 
It was in the 15th century that "Viola" became their name in English. A Shakespeare favorite in "Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Hamlet".  

I want to celebrate the arrival of these beautiful flowers with a series of Crafts, DIY and Home Decor tutorials. Spring brings invitations to outdoor gatherings such as garden parties. I always like to bring a handmade gift to the hostess/host.  
This time I thought it could be something for their home like pansy coasters. They are so easy to make that you can have them ready on the same day. Make a few with me!

·         Glass coasters {mine are rounded, but you can also use square ones}
·         Pansies {seven}
·         Brush {natural soft hair works best}
·         Glue {glue that dries clear}
·         Sealer {use one that dries clear}

1-    Wipe your glass coasters with a cloth to get rid off any dust.
2-    Gather your best pansies. Choose the brightest ones and best shaped of all.
3-    You will need exactly seven pansies of similar sizes to make my coasters.
4-    Before adding them to your coasters, arrange your design on a piece of paper.
5-    I chose to design an elegant wreath with mine.
6-    Pick a pansy and using a brush carefully add glue to the back of it.

TIP: If it’s easier for you, you can also brush a little glue on the glass right where your pansy will be placed.

7-    Glue it to your coaster.
8-    Repeat same step and keep adding all our pansies forming a wreath.
9-    Let dry completely.
10-  Once dried, brush a coat of sealer.
11-  Let dry completely.

Your coasters are ready! Make as many as you want and pack them nicely in a box.
Stay tuned for more Pansies DIY projects!     
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