2017 Balcony Gardening: Layout and Decor Planning

2017 Balcony Gardening Layout Plan and Decor List by Gabriela Delworth

It seems to be that the warm spell has vanished here in T.O. We are all back to face the reality that it is still Winter! Those sunny days sped up my Balcony Gardening planning.
I have been dreaming already about relaxing and sitting outside. Have you? I have been drafting layouts as well. This year I want to come up with a more practical layout for our balcony decor. Have been wondering about the plant stands and pots I want to display.  

Updating pots would be fantastic! I will be looking around at garden centres and stores.
Our beautiful resin railing planters are still in great condition. Geraniums look great!
I have also been thinking about the plants selection: culinary herbs, flowering annuals, flowering perennials. One of the things I found challenging during the past few years is the effects on plants due to climate change. It is becoming quite unpredictable.  

Basil & Geraniums by Gabriela Delworth

We always have a nice selection of culinary herbs in our balcony. One of them is Basil. Last Summer scorcher forced us to keep a closer eye on our crop. We were very fortunate and harvested all plants into delicious meals! Here is our dried culinary herbs harvest from last Spring/Summer. Did you start planning yours already? 
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