Best Indoor Plants: Peace Lily

Best Indoor Plants: Peace Lily by Gabriela Delworth

On a prior post I shared some of the 2017 trendy indoor plants I already have at home. Today I am featuring one of my most beloved indoor plants: Peace Lily
Although not a true Lily it is an affordable and reliable beauty. When choosing a spot for it keep in mind that it comes from a hot and tropical climate. It grows in shady tropical rain forests. Indirect light is best. Only water them when the soil is dry. This is something you will need to keep an eye on depending on where you live. 

Here in T.O. with our long Winter months and central heat (that dries our plants) you might need to water them every other day. I also like to "feed" them my homemade brew twice a month. They keep blooming! Remove dry flowers, wilting and brown leaves. Peace Lily does not need much prunning.

Mist them with filtered water as I do a few times a week. Get rid off dust! Water will clean their leaves and keep them shiny. Leaves need to be clean in order for plants to breath better. They also look fantastic!

If you follow my blog you know that I adore my plants. I keep them indoors and most of them in our balcony during the warmer months. My Peace Lily beauties never go outside. They stay in their favorite spot year round. Did you know that they purify the air?

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Happy indoor gardening!
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