DIY Terrarium: Plant selection

We are having April showers here in T.O. The calendar marks February 8, correct? These mild temperatures certainly give me Spring vibes! 
By the way, cleaning and re-decorating for the season ahead have already started at home. I have been giving a lot of attention to our indoor plants. A proud gardener you might say. Some fill our spaces with a continuos show of colour, air cleaners decorate our spaces with a non stop show of blooms, a few have been "forced" into delicious room fragances, others surprise us with beautiful early flowers, some others became 2017 trendy all of a sudden, even the gourmet kind bloomed! Indoor gardening has been great.

I have been wishing to diy some terrariums using plants from our collection. These photo above is from what I call the "baby window". These are all cuttings from older plants. Aren't they cute? Trying to decide which I will be using.

NOTE: Does anyone know the name of the tiny heart shape vine on the left? 

Now to choose containers for my new terrariums. Stay tuned!
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