Happy Spring everyone! Groundhogs are out.

Ground Hog ©Gabriela Delworth

Happy Spring everyone! Groundhogs are out. They are adorable and very curious.

They live here in T.O. We see them at the same spot every year. In case you were wondering I took this photo. This smiley face posed and gave me enough time to take the shot!

They usually sleep/hibernate for three months starting in the Fall. But...I have noticed the entrance of their tunnels opened already. February felt like Spring.

Apparently, male groundhogs (oh, those boys!) wake up when it's still cold. The reason is "pure" love. I read that they are already wandering around as early as February! That is enthusiasm.

Groundhog males need enough time to prepare themselves for mating season (no kidding with the competition they might have!) and check the area for promising "opportunities". Once they find out where females are located (yes, they do search!) then go back to sleep another while until March! That is a sweet deal. Isn't it? Did you know that they are related to squirrels?
 HAPPY SPRING ROSE CARD photo © Gabriela Delworth
We are finally closer to sunnier and warmer days ahead. Can't wait to take outside my mini roses showing off the Canadian Flag colours (on the photo above), Canada turns 150 and I am ready to celebrate! I also want to place my Geraniums, Rosemary, Calamondin orange trees and Sedums collection in our balcony soon!

As an avid gardener (something you already know) I have already started my own celebration gathering supplies and putting together a few DIY terrariums. I have also been moving around my Peace Lily beauties to more suitable spots as they grow bigger and feeding all plants with my brew.

How are you celebrating the arrival of Spring?
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