Mini Roses: In Retro and Trendy Terracotta Planters

Mini Roses: In Retro and Trendy Terracotta Planters

The arrival of Spring brings so much inspiration to those that love creating things with nature. Indoor Gardening is one of my biggest passions. 
I already posted about some of my Mini Roses gifts here. These gifts are the most rewarding part of gardening! 

I absolutely love Roses and this year I added a few to my collection. Take a look at the image above. To my surprise it was so easy to find them! They come in a retro pot. Terracotta is very trendy in 2017. It looks fantastic combined with greenery!

Some of these beautiful blooms will be used in secret projects I have been working on. 

People that visit our home always admire the plants we have. They often ask what I (I am the gardener!) use to keep their leaves shiny. 

TIP: Although there are tons of home recipes out there believe it or not I just use water. Some plants like to bathe just like we do. To keep them clean and refreshed I mist them with filtered (see it here) water and wipe off dust with a damp cloth. 

Gardening is a labour of love! How do you clean yours?
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