Moss and Sedum Terrarium Glass Globes

Moss and Sedum Terrarium Glass Globe by Gabriela Delworth

Had these glass globes for the longest time that I bought on sale somewhere. Finally, after deciding what dwarf sedums to use and gathering supplies here are my Moss and Sedum Terrarium Glass Globes!
The idea is to hang them from a bracket or hook and let the heart vine to trail freely. I am still looking for the best spot as I re-decorate and organize my studio. Have been working hard on that since February! 

I have been looking for a Rosary Vine, "Ceropegia Woodii" for years. So far no garden center, nursery or florist have it. Why? One day while getting some mini sedums on sale I came across the heart vine on the photo above. Had to have it!  This tiny plant has been living on a windowsill and to my surprise is growing well. Here in T.O. we do not get much sun during the cold months. The poor thing was in a tiny pot without a label. Had no idea what plant it was!

UPDATE: After a long search {have been trying to identify it since last year!} I found out that it is called "Paperonia Prostata". Its leaves look like painted hearts to me. It is native to the rainforests of Brazil. I read that this vine roots as soon as it touches soil. Fantastic! I will be making new plants this Spring.
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