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Spring Crafting: Preserving Orchids from the grocery store

Spring is here...well..."technically" I would say, right? Where are the flowers? Not so fast. 
The good news are that we can find some in the supermarket. Beautiful orchids are available! Keep in mind that many of them have been coloured just like these flowers. They can be preserved them or pressed and used  in crafty projects. You can make wedding invitations, shadow boxes, coasters and more.

Happy Spring crafting! 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gabriela Delworth. Lifestyle Blogger, DIY Author and Crafts Industry Designer who makes creativity a ritual. Aesthetically reactive to beautiful things. 

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1 comment:

JoKnows said...

"Technically" spring is right! Sooo cold today! Those orchids are so lovely...I think I need to head to the grocery store. ;)