Balcony Gardening: How to make the most of your space

Empty Balcony. Plan your Balcony Garden by Gabriela Delworth

Easter weekend is just in a couple of days. They predicted about twenty degrees! 
Perfect temperature to get out on your balcony. Take a look around, do some cleaning and start planning your garden! There are so many things to consider. So much to do.
  • Garden furniture
  • Plant pots
  • Plant stands
  • Water cans
  • Umbrella
  • And more... 
Is your furniture outside year round? If so, give it a good cleaning. Does it need replacement? Draw a plan of you balcony. Layout your space with furniture and plants.
Do an inventory and check all your plant pots. Do you have plant stands?

Will you be bringing indoor plants out? Think about what plants you want to have in your garden and where they will be placed. Will they be annuals, perennials or both?
Will you be planting some herbs and vegetables?

Budget for a beautiful balcony garden. Plan ahead. Make the most of your space!
Visit garden centers for inspiration. They already have many plants available.

Have a wonderful Easter long weekend!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gabriela Delworth. Lifestyle Blogger, DIY Author and Crafts Industry Designer who makes creativity a ritual. Aesthetically reactive to beautiful things. 

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