DIY Terrariums: Update and DIY wire hanging planter holder

Happy Friday! Today an update on my DIY Terrariums.  
They are thriving on this sunny spot and became companions to other plants.
Believe it or not when you group plants they do much better! If you have one around your home that is not doing so well do just that. I call it "plant friendship". It does exist. Try it and see the results!

In case you were wondering about the image above this DIY planter "system" is made with a kitchen hanging fruit basket and chains from the hardware store
A little industrial and rustic look at the same time. I have to say that it is quite light.  Ideal for terracota and plastic pots. Did you see this other one? Glad terracota is trendy again! Love this material. 

This DIY planter "system" has become almost a collector item. These simple kitchen hanging fruit baskets are rare these days. I have seen some available online but they look too modern and the cost is quite ridiculous. Do you know where else to find them?

Any hanging plants in your indoor garden? What do you have?

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