Balcony Gardening: Beautiful Geraniums take the stage.

Geranium photography by Gabriela Delworth

A pop of colour is just what we need around these parts lately. These Geranium photos above bring just that to our rainy and humid T.O. weather. 

We have been waiting to clean and a decorate our garden as I mentioned on this post. This past long weekend weather wasn't ideal in my opinion to bring tender plants outside. Not just yet! Our balcony sill looks bare. Just as you saw it...

Because this year's Spring and Summer weather predictions I decided to focus on our Geranium plants. They have already started blooming indoors. 
So easy to care and beautiful! Sedums and Orange trees will join them outdoors along with Rosemary and Thyme once the weather settles into warmer temperatures. Next weekend? May be...we'll see...

This year I want to simplify our balcony gardening with essentials. Love these metal plant stands on the photo above. Durable and stylish. Still in storage. Will show them to you later.

Are you planning a balcony gardening?
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