Balcony Gardening: cleaning and decorating

Balcony Gardening: cleaning and decorating by Gabriela Delworth

I really hope you have been enjoying the Summer like temperatures these couple of days. Victoria Day long weekend is around the corner. 
Many will flock to garden centers and nurseries looking for plants and accessories to decorate their outdoor spaces. 
We decided that it was time to take out our set of chairs and table in the balcony. It was bare! Just as you saw it on this past post. I personally like to clean and clear it out in  October when plants go back indoors.

Balcony Gardening is a lot of fun. You probably have been planning your garden since February or earlier. I find extremely enjoyable to design an outdoor space to relax during the warmer months. The less fun part of all this is having to first clean the balcony floor, railings, furniture and windows. This is exactly what we are hoping to achieve during this coming long weekend. Clean, clean and clean!

I will be sharing some tips on my next posts. Stay tuned!

Happy Victoria Day! Have a wonderful long weekend!
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