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Floral Crafts: Preserving Royal Pelargoniums

Floral Crafts: Preserving Royal Pelargoniums - Gabriela Delworth

It's a rainy Monday! I thought a post about flowers would help to beat the blues of a grey day like today. Have you been at the garden centers recently?
Did you get some Geraniums? Did you know that Geraniums are in fact Pelargoniums? The annual Geranium is a Pelargonium. They came from South Africa.

The Hardy Geranium on the photo above is also called Cranesbill. It's a perennial here in Ontario and Manitoba. Notice how different the petals are from Pelargoniums.

The ones on the photo above at the beginning of the post are called Royal Pelargoniums. They like full sun and are water efficient annuals ideal for zone 6a here in Toronto. 
  • You need to allow the soil to dry before watering them again. 
  • They require fertilizer in order to keep blooming during the warmer months.
  • Deadhead them regularly. 
  • Pruning should be done in Spring and Fall to keep plants growing healthy.
You should always check your hardy zone when planning your gardens. I absolutely love their bright pink shades. Also grew white ones before. Note the one in my hand on that photo.

Royal Pelargoniums are ideal to preserve in Silica Gel just as I did with my rose buds.

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JoKnows said...

This is interesting! I have so much to learn about flowers. I need to take lessons from you! :)

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hi Joann,

Well, I believe that you should definitely start gardening! :o)
This is how I learned!