Floral Crafts: Vintage Ring with dry Pink Statice

It's finally starting to look like Spring here in Toronto, isn't it? Today I want to share a tutorial to make yourself a nice ring using one of the most popular flowers used in arrangements, Statice.
Statice is ideal to dry and use in floral crafts. I read it grows in Southern Spain, North Africa, Canary Islands and Palestine. Look how dry and sandy the soil is! I can grow up to 6o cm tall. It blooms in Pink, Coral, White, Violet and Pale Yellow. I have only seen Pink, Violet and White at the florists.

Statice is quite affordable. You can get branches for about $2.00 to $3.00 each depending on where you shop. I support my local vendors and shop in my neighborhood. Take a look at the photo above. There are so many flowers and leaves in a branch! It only took just a few flowers and leaves to decorate this ring. To dry them I used Silica Gel.

Pink Dry Statice Ring by Gabriela Delworth

Vintage Ring with dry Pink Statice


  • Statice
  • Silica Gel {available at craft stores}
  • Scissors
  • Plastic box with a lid {airtight container tall enough to fit your flowers}
  • Paper Towels 
  • Soft small brush 
  • Vintage ring setting
  • Clear sealer
  • Clear Urethane glue
Instructions to dry Statice flowers and branches:
  1. Place a sheet of paper towel inside a plastic box.
  2. Add a layer of Silica Gel.
  3. Cut your Statice branches depending on how long you want them using your scissors.
  4. Place your Statice branches inside the plastic box on the Silica Gel facing up.
  5. Cover them with Silica Gel until completely covered. 
  6. Seal the plastic box with the lid tightly. 
  7. Keep it at room temperature and away from the light for about two weeks. 
  8. After two weeks carefully remove the lid of the plastic box.
  9. Remove your Statice branches from the Silica Gel. 
  10. Carefully remove Silica Gel crystals from petals using a small soft brush. 
TIP: Although Silica Gel might come a little pricey you can reuse it many, many times.

Instructions to seal Statice flowers and branches:
  1. Clean any dust from the ring with a smooth cloth.
  2. Brush Statice flowers and leaves with sealer. It will dry clear and hard, glass-like finish. I chose this product because it will accentuate flower details.
  3. Let dry completely.
  4. Using a small drop of clear urethane glue, glue pressed roses on top of each other.
  5. Let dry completely.
  6. You will end up with a 3D Statice flowers and leaves.
  7. Using a small drop of clear urethane glue, glue your Statice flowers and leaves to ring setting.
  8. Let dry completely.

NOTE: Do not make the ring wet.  

Enjoy your new and one of a kind piece of jewelry! Make more for friends and family. 
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