Indoor Garden Update: Pink African Violets blooming on windowsills

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Weather predictions said that this Spring and Summer will be rainy. Spring has been very rainy and cool so far. 
Although it could be very tempting to pick up some plants from garden centers and nurseries for the balcony it is still too early. Our balcony is still bare! I have been very busy planning this year garden.
I always wait until Victoria Day long weekend to take plants outside. Better safe than sorry, right? This year is on May 22. Just a couple of weeks to wait. Not bad!

You are probably wondering about the photo above. Well, I thought about giving you an update about how African Violets are doing in our indoor garden. Fantastic! They are blooming again. You saw them back in January, remember? Also in February when I posted about their names.

Do you know the name of this beauty? I read that the name is "Little Julie". Is it?
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