Spring Gardening: Mocca Orange Begonias

Mocca Orange Begonias by Gabriela Delworth

What a beautiful Victoria Day long weekend Saturday we had. Mild temperatures and a sunny day. I hope you had a great one! 
We visited my favorite garden center, Valleyview Gardens in Scarborough. I was mesmerized by a "sea" of Mocca Orange Begonias that "welcomed" us as soon as we entered. Stunning!

Always loved Begonias but have been reluctant to them to my plant collection. They need to spend the cold months inside as a houseplant in bright light and a cool well-ventilated spot. I believe that this would be quite a challenge. To receive good light they would have to be placed on windowsills. A cool and dry "ecosystem" where they would also receive heat. Would they survive?

I have to say that my African Violets thrive in windowsills year round! Did you see them here and here? They started to bloom again!

Pink African Violet by Gabriela Delworth

By the way, the cleaning and decorating plans we had and I mentioned on this post were put on hold. Sunday turned out to be a very soggy day! Temperatures are still on the cool side to bring indoor plants out. It would be such a shock to them. 

Did you work on your garden? I have to say that Sunday was ideal to do some diggings and clean weeds on your lawn.

Disclosure: I have not received any compensation or product for writing this post. I have no materials connection to the brand or product that I have mentioned.
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