Statice Preservation: Air Drying vs. Silica Gel and Necklace tutorial

Dry Statice and Leather Necklace by Gabriela Delworth

My past Vintage Ring with dry Pink Statice post resulted in many questions from you. 
Thank you! I love answering them. Statice as I mentioned before is one of my most favorite plants for drying. I dry the whole thing, flowers and leaves. Although the tutorial I posted was about drying them with Silica Gel you can also air dry them.

The results from these drying methods are quite different. You can easily air dry a bouquet of Statice from the store and add it to home decor. Just hang them upside down in a spot with good air circulation and away from the sun. If you are looking for a fresh picked look I suggest you dry them with Silica Gel. Flowers will look much brighter.

Make yourself a simple Statice necklace like the one on the photo above!

cut of leather cord
jewelry rings 
a clasp of your choice
Statice branch

jewelry pliers

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