Bacony Gardening: Trip to Memory Lane growing Tomatoes

Summer is here in T.O. After a few weeks of cool and rainy weather people have been back working hard (and very happy!) on their balconies and gardens.
As I mentioned on this post I want to simplify our balcony gardening with essentials and will be focusing on our Geranium plants. The plants we already have.

I absolutely love growing herbs and using them in my cooking. Look at how much Basil we harvested last Summer! Rosemary has winterized amazingly good on a windowsill where it gets lots of sun. It even bloomed last Christmas. Thyme was added to my herb collection and is doing very well. Hopefully I will be able to harvest them as I did last Fall

A few years back pre-balcony renovation I tried growing tomatoes in our balcony for the first time. Although it was so much fun watching them grow I felt a little concern with the size of these plants. They grew very tall! The most rewarding moment was picking up the first tomato. Tomatoes did not reach the size I expected but we were able to make a few salads with them! 

This year I would love to try growing dwarf tomatoes in our balcony. I saw some that come already "caged" at the garden center. Any advice or tips?
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