Balcony Gardening: Best plants for an easy care garden.

Balcony Geraniums by Gabriela Delworth

These are some of my Geraniums last year in our balcony garden bathing in the sun. 
I thought it would be a great idea to show you how good they do. In fact I believe they are the best plants for balcony gardening. 

  • Affordable
  • A great investment. Have them indoors (easy to prepare and care and outdoors
  • Draft resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Only water when soil feels dry (stick your finger in it)
  • Continuous blooms
  • Great for railing planters
  • Easy to divide and make new plants (check my tutorial)
They need:
  • Love full sun (at least six hours a day)
  • Feed them every two weeks. I use my own brew.
Creative Reasons:
  • Ideal to dry/preserve in Silica Gel (check my tutorial)

Balcony Gardening: Red Geranium by Gabriela Delworth

Are you adding Geraniums to your balcony garden? I know you will.
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