Balcony Gardening: Best plants for Highrise Apartments and Condos

My last post about Gardens in Highrise Apartments and Condos brings now the question about what plants to grow. First things first. 
Highrise Condos and Highrise Apartment Rentals have rules and regulations. Find out which apply to the place you live. 

If you live in a Condo in many cases plants are managed and maintained for you. Nice!  Some even have automatic water systems. Next time you go for a walk look up at balconies. Discover highrise gardens!

This is what I have seen:
  1. Beautiful vines (may be Sweet Potato Vines?) contrasting with colourful flowers grouped in railing planters trailing down. Once flowers are done blooming these annual vines will add colour to glass and steel balcony panels until the Fall. 
  2. Evergreens, shrubs and trees in different sizes. Real or artificial. Many times this greenery is part of the condo building design. 
If rules and regulations in your Highrise Condo allow you to bring your own plants talk to Management and then to garden experts before going in a shopping spree. They know what is best. Remember that. Here are some basic tips for you.

ADVANTAGES: You know that your balcony garden is designed and maintained by professionals. No worries about choosing the right plants.

CONS: You might not be happy about your balcony garden looking the same as the rest of all the others. But this continuity in design adds beauty to the aesthetics of the building.

If you live in an Highrise Apartment Rental you might have a little more freedom to design your own balcony garden depending on rules and regulations. And common sense, of course. Although tenants have the option of choosing their favorite plants and decor I have also seen a continuity in design in many buildings. Why? Well, I have other tenants asking me about the plants I grow in our balcony, the planters we have and where we found our furniture. Other tenants might want to know about measurements, what fits and looks nice, what is durable and works.

ADVANTAGES: You get to choose and develop your own balcony garden design. Show off! Share some plant cuttings, herbs or veggies you are growing with other tenants. I believe these are the best plants.

CONS: You might get a little jealous about other tenants balcony gardens. Don't be! Start your own. Today! Get inspired by our railing planters. Yours could be even prettier.

Happy Balcony Gardening!
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