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Balcony Gardening: Repotting plants or refreshing soil in pots.

Garden centers are thriving with people coming and going with their brand new plants.
Great! For those of you who winterize (and save) plants it is time to prepare them for "life outside" again. As I mentioned on a prior post I will be focusing on my Geraniums. I believe they are the best plants!
Plants that have been on a windowsill need to get used to temperatures, sun and wind. It could be quite a shock. I always try to make this process the smoothest as possible for mine.

The beauty of having Geraniums is that you can divide them during Spring and Summer to make new plants. I posted about this here. It is so rewarding having "baby" plants from your old plants. Think about the time spent and dedication! I believe they are gifts to gardeners for all the care received. Don't you agree?
Preparing plants for "life outside" usually requires to re pot them or to refresh/add soil in their pots. Soil tends to dry out during the Winter. If you notice the soil level goes down.

NOTE: I keep my soil in 5 Gallon plastic buckets with lids. This way there is no mess and I can keep them handy. Find them in stores where they sell tools. Very affordable.

Sometimes I like planting two colour Geraniums in one pot to achieve a nice contrast.
I "beautify plants" clipping dead stems and dry leaves. I want them to look their very best!

Why not winterize your Geraniums? Think about it now. Find and prepare a spot for them before the Fall when they will be coming inside. Are you going to check them out after all the time and effort (and money) you put on caring for them? 
You can enjoy them year round in many different ways. Get creative!
By they way did you get some of these this year? You might want to read interesting information about them.

Are you getting Geraniums for your balcony or yard garden?

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JoKnows said...

We don't have geraniums, but it sounds like we should! I love your idea of storing the soil in plastic buckets rather than having big bags of soil lying around (as we currently do). Have to talk to hubs about that one. ;)

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hi Joanne,

Definitely! Geraniums are the best plants! If you do, please post pics of your garden.