DIY Home Decor: Pressed Pansy Tiles

Pressed Pansy Tiles by Gabriela Delworth

DIY Home Decor is the trend. I believe it will be for a very long time. We want to decor our homes with things we like the most and in our style.
Make your own then! I took advantage of the huge variety of Pansies available back in April and did a lot of flower pressing. Always wanted to make my own floral tiles. Let's get to it!

Pressed Pansies Tiles by Gabriela Delworth


  1. Tiles
  2. Pressed Pansies and leaves. Find my Flower Pressing tutorial here.
  3. Brush (natural soft hair works best)
  4. Glue (glue that dries clear)
  5. Clear varnish

  1. Wipe your tiles with a cloth to get rid off any dust. 
  2. Gather your best pansies. Choose the brightest ones and best shaped of all.  
  3. You will need exactly three pansies and two leaves. 
  4. Before adding them to your tiles, arrange your design on a piece of paper. 
  5. Pick a pansy and using a brush carefully add glue to the back of it.
  6. Glue it to your tile.
  7. Repeat same step and keep adding all our pansies.
  8. Let dry completely.
  9. Once dried, brush a coat of clear varnish.
  10. Let dry completely.

NOTE: Do not make these tiles wet. They are for decorative purposes ONLY.

Did you like creating with pansies? Make coasters and wedding invitations.
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