Happy 150th Canada Series: Alpine House at MUN Botanical Garden

Alpine House at MUN Botanical Garden by Gabriela Delworth

Continuing with my Happy 150th Canada Series I am taking you today to the Alpine House in the Newfoundland Botanical Garden
Remember I suggested you to bring your camera on my other post? This is a great place where you can take photos of alpine plants really close. 
They are planted in clay pots which are sunk in the sand. This makes it easy to remove and them when needed. Neat! I would easily adopt this practical display for a raised garden box indoors or outdoors. Wouldn't you?

Plants are displayed on benches all along the sides combined with beautiful rocks. Don't miss the greenhouse. Can you see the colourful flowers inside? Always, always wanted to have my own greenhouse...may be one day...

Don't you love this tiny tree above on the left called "Pinaceae mariana Nana" "Nana" also called Dwarf Black Spruce is a slow-growing evergreen conifer with grey-green, needle-like foliage. It grows like a rounded shrub. Isn't it pretty?

Stay tuned for more!
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