Happy 150th Canada Series: It is Party Time! Home of the Screech-in

I would ending my Happy 150th Canada Series in a Screech-ing note...if I may... 
To Newfoundlanders we are what they call "mainlanders" or "come from away". There is a non-obligatory (no, I didn't do it...laughs!) ceremony called the "Screech-in".  

It consists of taking a shot of Screech (their 40% alcohol rum), a short recitation and kissing a cod (yes, as you read, the fish!). If you are brave enough to go along with it you will become an honorary Newfoundlander.  Well, I didn't get this honorary title but I felt very welcomed in St. John's! 

Above is a shot of the Rocket Bakery on Water St. and the many pubs on George St. Live music and many restaurants. Fresh Cod or Tuna anyone? Visit the many shops as well! 

Get yourself a Labradorite stone on the photo above. Why? I mentioned that here. A great souvenir to take home. According to an ancient Inuite legend you can see the Northern Lights trapped inside a Labradorite rock. Can you in mine? Colours are stunning! 

Stay tuned for more!

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