Happy 150th Canada Series: Painted Houses, Jellybean Row.

St. John's Painted Houses by Gabriela Delworth

Today, continuing with my Happy 150th Canada Series I want to tell you about St. John's bright Painted Houses, Jellybean Row.  
They are so beautiful! An amazing contrast with the blue water.
Standing on hills trying to find the best angles for my photos was a lot of fun. The story says that these bright colours helped fishermen find their homes in the fog and inclement weather. This is Newfoundland after all. 

If one of them was mine I would probably paint it blue and white. House colours can tell you a little about the personality of the people that live in it. Don't you agree? We express ourselves with colours all the time. Don't we? 

You can read more about the colours of Painted Houses, Jellybean Row of Newfoundland here.

Stay tuned for more!
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