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What's Blooming: Irises at the Royal Botanical Garden

What's Blooming: Irises at the Royal Botanical Garden by Gabriela Delworth

What a glorious Saturday we had! I really hope you had the chance to enjoy some time outside. Look at these beautiful blooming Irises we saw at the Royal Botanical Garden.
Such an incredible place to learn about plants. They have an incredible collection

I always thought Irises are amazing perennial plants. A must have in a garden. Had many in mine. Vincent Van Gogh's paintings above were done during his time spent at an asylum in Saint-Rémy, France. It is said that he started painting them within the first week of he stay right at the asylum's garden. Imagine how inspiring they were to him.

I find Irises fascinating. Did you know that it is the national flower of Croatia? It is also the flower emblem of Greeneville, Tennessee. Irises are on the Quebec flag and on the Coat of Arms of Florence, Italy and the list continues...

Do you have Irises in your garden?

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