Balcony Gardening: Blooming Calamondin Orange Tree. Again in only four months!

Blooming Calamondin Orange Tree by Gabriela Delworth

Balcony gardening has a been a little challenge this Summer. Our Calamodin Orange Tree in the other hand started blooming again. In only four months apart from last time. 
Remember this post back in March when we saw the first blooms? It is said that it blooms year round. March blooms turned into new oranges that are growing fast!

I read that blooms and fruits appear once the tree is two years old. Interesting! Now at least we have an idea about how old it is. Our Calamodin Orange Tree usually comes inside in September and stays on the sunniest spot of a windowsill until June. Care is quite easy. I feed it with my homemade brew and mist it once a day with filtered water. Never with tap water! Find my tips on this post.

Have a confession to make...while visiting one of my favorite garden centers I was so very tempted to bring home a Lemon tree! But...they grow quite big. I did not.

Do you have any fruit trees at home?

Happy Gardening!

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