Balcony Gardening: Colour combining Geraniums in pots. Buy on sale and save.

Coloured combined Geraniums by Gabriela Delworth

My last post was all about my deal findings on Geraniums at garden centers. I really hope you got the chance to go and get yourself some plants at discount prices. 
If still not convinced why Geraniums are the best plants read my post here.
Today a few images of my new Geraniums to show you how I like combining and mixing them in pots. This is how pots looked a few days back. Big change, right?

This is also the perfect time to divide them and making yourself new plants! We still have half a few months left for them to thrive outdoors. 

If you have hanging baskets on your railings add a few more! Remember to feed them.

Soil gets a little lower in pots over time. Make sure you refresh it in yours, add more.
Would you like to save your Geranium flowers for crafts and home decor projects? Find how to instructions here.
I will be sharing my plant stands next time. Stay tuned!

Happy gardening!
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